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#Worlds No 01 Cheater Group Buy SEO Tools Website, They are playing with people’s trust, People paying money and they stole their data they stole your passwords, etc. etc. If you don’t believe in us you can check their Extension, which is also Violate Google’s Policy. Right we are here to come with a solution and a lot’s of reasons that why you choose our service instead of buying flikover package, Please see differentiation below :

5 reasons why you need to stop using flikover :

1. Data Piracy 

2. Security issues (Passwords, Cookies and History and your keystrokes also they captured )

3. Not a friendly behavior

4. Many of their tools are no paid, like Moz, Alexa, semrush and, they used only trial version which you get only for free 

5. You can’t even login more than 4-5 times in an hour, if you do so they ban your account still everybody does but the fact is they are just collecting mobile data phone number and email id (Verified) and your user know that everybody can buy and sell your data. still, e also collect but never said that u need to verified your data, even if they asking about your Adhar card and Voter card and pan card during the return time, but they never mentioned this thing to their site, so You should leave their service now

And 5 reasons why you guys choose flissmedia :

1. Yes we agree that we can’t provide 100% uptime, but still we give now 80-85% uptime, and still,we are improving our service.

2. In the history of Group Buy SEO tools Industry,No one provides Free SEO tools, but we provide

3. First time in theory of Group BuySEO tools Industry we provide offers, a lot of offers

4. At the cheapest price, competitor said that our service is not working properly that’s why we give it low price but users know the truth.

5. We Never use any extension and any direct access we only give you access through portable browesr , and browser from a respected site , this browser has its own reputation in market, so there is no chance to put any question in our mind to hack or to steal data. 

So that’s why we provide their all in one package , Now the question is why you buy their package from us ?

=>We provide you security , we provide their service by using our portable browser 

So buy Flixover Package from us , without any hasitation with 100% risk free, security and data privacy